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Welspun Global Brands has the complete suite of products and services for home textiles for all the major retailers globally.

Who we are

Welspun Global Brands is vibrant company passionate about providing bed and bath textile innovations for almost 30 years . We provide globally, to all major retailers , a complete suite of home textile products and services . Our large scale manufacturing facilities in India for terry towels, bath mats, rugs, bed sheets and basic bedding products, results in a strong presence in the bed and bath categories. We provide our retail partners the benefits of our expertise and robust infrastructure for inventory management, marketing and logistics.

What we do

Welspun seamlessly collaborates with our retail partners across the globe on every aspect of their inventory, marketing and distribution management. Our success depends on the success of our partners.

Critical services:

Sales and Merchandising - Welspun’s strong sales and merchandising teams based out of India, the USA and UK work closely with retailers to develop the most saleable assortment of products. We partner on product mix and planning calendars. Through consumer research, observation and trends in consumer behavior, our team creates product as well as display and packaging solutions.

Product Design and Development - Innovation and design have always been our areas of focus. Welspun takes pride on being trend right. Our design studios map color and design trends to develop unique assortments for our retailers’ bed and bath lines. We continually create new product that addresses need gaps identified via consumer research or based on consumer comments.

Planning - Inventory Planning & Management is vital. Welspun’s SCM team assists retailers in forecasting sales based on historical data and current sales trends. Advanced tools allow Welspun to assist retailers in more accurate forecasting and planning.

Marketing - Consumer research gives us a deep understanding of our end-use customers. We use this knowledge to help retailers with effective in-store communications. We look to create compelling point of sale display solutions. We continually develop new and innovative packaging solutions

Distribution - Our warehousing and distribution facilities are equipped with sophisticated systems that help us manage and track inventory flawlessly . We provide our USA and UK retailers a distribution framework for either domestic or FOB deliveries. We also provide case pick-and-pack solutions to retailers.

Management Team

Dipali Goenka, CEO & Jt. MD


Hygrocotton® is a patented fabric made with a breakthrough spinning technology that uses hollow core yarn to manufacture a range of bath and bedding products. This makes the fabric ultra soft and ultra absorbent. The fabric plumps up after every wash and becomes loftier and more luxurious. Hygrocotton® sheets regulate body temperature by regulating air flow for a very comfortable sleep experience.


Welspun’s GoodnightSleep™ mattress pad with SoftShield™ Technology is a unique solution for a more comfortable sleep. It provides a silent water-resistant protection that adds an extra layer of comfort to the mattress.

The mattress pad has a 100% cotton face that provides a soft and quiet moisture barrier with SoftShield Shield™ technology, offering dual hygienic protection for both the mattress pad and mattress. The two way breathable fabric allows air to flow freely for a more comfortable sleeping experience. Unique smooth surface stays soft and cool, forming a layer of comfort in a snug, tight fit.


Spotstop™ is another proprietary technology by Welspun that makes towels and rugs stay pure without unsightly spots and discoloration caused by regular chemicals found in cosmetics such as
- Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid in acne treatments
- Retinol in face creams
- Hydrogen Peroxide in dental whiteners
With Spotstop™ products look newer and last longer


Every one wants their beds to look smooth and wrinkle free without ironing. Welspun has created the extraordinary Eversmooth™ finish for beddings and sheets. Soft cotton fibers are bound by smooth wrinkle-free polymers for an everlasting smooth finish. This also reduces shrinkage to less than 2% facilitating a smooth, tight fit.


Flexifit® is a patented, distinguished range of fitted sheets that guarantees a perfect smooth fit for any mattress. Unique stretch fabric panels at the head and foot of the bed and elastic all around provide a snug, secure fit. The identifying panels at the head and foot make making the bed an easy, quick process. Its patented construction accommodates a variety of mattress depths, from 10 to 20 inches. Flexifit®, for a more comfortable sleep.


Drylon®, for a perfect bath rug. Soft and luxurious, yet highly durable, Drylon® is stain resistant, fade resistant, and easy care. Drylon® rugs have the look and feel of cotton. Available in an array of colors, Drylon® has a Fast drying pile-the rug does not stay wet and matted Soft and plush wash after wash, with a long lasting back.


Resilon™ is the ultimate blend of resilience, sheen and easy-care for bath, area and accent rugs. Made from exclusive Welspun fiber, Resilon™ has the sheen of polyester and the softness of cotton with true colors that stay and never fade away; resistant to bleach and benzoyl peroxide. The rugs come with an Everlast™ non-slip back that does not crack or wear, wash after wash.

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At established retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JC Penney, K-Mart, Sears, Tesco, ASDA, John Lewis Partnership, Carrefour

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Welspun has some of the most formidable home textile brands across the world under its flag.

Welspun offers some of the most formidable home textile brands around the world. These brands all have their unique characteristics and legacy, supported by Welspun quality and innovation.


Christy’s is one of the world’s most venerable brands known for its rich history and core values that have pervaded through rapidly changing times. Innovation, luxury, integrity and trust are qualities that remain synonymous with Christy.

Christy’s is one of UK’s largest and best known brands offering a wide range of luxury towels, bed linen and home accessories. Using superior yarns and high thread counts, all Christy products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, be inspired to create a home of comfort and beauty.

Shop Christy’s UK       Shop Christy’s USA



The Kingsley brand boasts a proud history which dates back more than six decades. Established in the 1950s, initially specializing in patterned towels, Kingsley quickly expanded its bath linen collections and network of customers. In 2010, Kingsley successfully launched its first bed linen collection. Our luxury for less¹(?) ethos remains apparent throughout the Kingsley brand as we endeavour to offer exceptional products at affordable prices.

Kingsley products are available at selected department stores and reputable linens retailers across the UK and Europe.  Kinglsey products are exported throughoutthe rest of the world , where the British lifestyle approach succeeds as a result of its strong fashion influences.

Shop Kingsley’s



When it comes to ultimate luxury and indulgence, Welspun offers Crowning Touch The most luxurious range of bath and bed products that delivers on comfort and performance. Our most celebrated line of products.



Welspun launched Spaces-Home & Beyond in India in 2004. Spaces is a brand that combines trendy, bold design with innovative superior quality products. Spaces is all about making a house feel like home while appealing to the aspirations of homeowners.

Spaces is the culmination of Welspun’s global design strengthand innovation excellence.

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Amy Butler

Designer Amy Butler shares a common dream with Welspun: to create beautiful vibrant designs out of eco-friendly, sustainable fibers. Amy Butler products are made from organically grown cotton using certified eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Amy presents a bright creative design spirit for the modern lifestyle. Her style is inspired by her love of gardens, nature , travel and everyday life. Her optimistic surface print designs and sewing fabrics are loved worldwide.



Our new handcrafted brand. Spun is our corporate social value initiative focusing on reviving the crafts of our country and empowering women, artisans, farmers and weavers. SPUN gives a fresh look and new life to traditional Indian weaves and arts that have been disappearing. Collaborating with organizations of farmers and women, Welspun is introducing handcrafted one of a kind textiles: quilts, decorative pillows, and other bedding accessories

Spun combines Welspun’s highly evolved design with traditional weaves and printing styles. Linked to the Gandhian principle of self-sufficiency, the yarn is spun on the chakra. Spun is all about rich folklore and history, songs, ballads and lyrics woven into beautiful products and brought to your doorstep.

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Welspun caters to some of the best known names in the hospitality industry Welspun Hospitality Solutions is an arm of Welspun’s USA

Who we are

Welspun Hospitality Solutions, an arm of Welspun’s USA subsidiary, provides bed and bath linen solutions to major hospitality chains and distributors globally. Our primary market is USA and we are currently expanding into Europe and Asia.

What we do

Welspun, with its superior quality bath, linen and top-of-bed products, caters to some of the best known names in the hospitality industry. Our products conform to the most stringent laundering standards and wash testing requirements globally.

In addition to hotel chains, we also work with Spas. We provide eco-friendly, green, luxury linens under our Portico and Under the Canopy licensed brands

We have dedicated teams in India, the USA and UK for servicing this industry.

Management Team

Julie Mckenzie, CEO, Welspun USA
Abhijit Datar, AVP – Hospitality Solutions

Hotel Chains

From Luxury to Budget, hotels worldwide have been using our products in the bed, bath and top-of-bed categories for a quality customer experience. Our products help hotels save costs due to their durability and special qualities, such as quick drying linens.

Spas & Resorts

Spas are relaxation havens, synonymous with luxury and comfort. Our products meet the very specific needs of the best spas and resorts in the world.

Cruises and Liners

Cruises pay close attention to details when it comes to looking after their guests. We help provide a high-class experience to their clients with our superior quality luxury products.

Bath Products

Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Pool Towels, Beach Towels and Bathrobes form our line of bath products. Our towels are quick to dry resulting in cost savings for our customers. Our special range of Hygrocotton towels plump up after every wash creating a delightful experience for the end use hotel guest.

Bedding Products

We provide superior quality bed linen made from the best of cotton and confirming to the highest laundering and wash testing standards. We offer Innovative products such as Hygrocotton® and Goodnight Sleep™.

Decorative Products

Easy maintenance and beautifully designed throws, quilts and rugs by Welspun are used by major hotels and resorts all across the world.

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Advanced Textiles
Welspun’s vision is to become global leader in Advanced Textiles

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